Ann Curry Speaks Out About Former Co-Host Matt Lauer’s Firing


As celebrity after celebrity seem to come out of the woodwork when it comes to sexual assault, it seems like no real surprise that The Today Show host Matt Lauer has been recently accused of lewd behavior and has actually been terminated from his job with NBC.

This has many speculating about Ann Curry’s departure from the show after just one short year, after what she called the “boys club” with Matt Lauer at the lead of the pack. Lauer, whose termination was spoken about by an NBC Spokesperson, stated that although this is the first time anyone has come forward about allegations against him, that there is enough reason to believe this is not an isolated incident with the man.

A video recently went viral depicting Lauer making lewd comments to his previous co-host Meredith Vieira. Now people are speculating if something similar occurred to spark Ann Curry’s departure from the story. Curry decided to make a statement regarding Matt Lauer’s termination.

The statement is poignant and although she does not address Matt Lauer directly, it is clear that her feelings on the matter are one of pride and admiration for all women who are willing to stand up and speak their truth. It was rumored that Ann and Matt didn’t get along, but NBC stated that she was let go in 2012 due to poor ratings. Many felt differently.

Ann Curry

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